Back story
Co-founders Eva and Peter needed a brand identity to support the launch of their new co-working space in the heart of Oslo's arts district – Grünerløkka. 
Their mission was born from a desire to create a space that not only supported the individual ambitions of their members but also promoted the value of collective sharing and collaboration within the community.  
Brand mission and values
To support their new venture they approached me to establish their underlying principles and mission, develop a name for the space and create a supporting identity and visual language.
Logo marque
The resulting identity includes a bold angular logo marque which taps into the core of the brand principles. The type is enclosed and enveloped within the graphic form (which reflects the inclusivity of the space). Our logo form also has a clear 'window', reflecting the open-ness and the opportunity to engage with new perspectives, skills and creative practices within the community. 
To support the primary logo, the visual language also includes bold angular forms, which suggest an 'unfolding' journey as well as diverse but connecting perspectives. 
Website iconography
The colour palette is warm, welcoming and fun and used in bold forms throughout the brand. Vivid pastels have been paired with a rich navy and off-black.
Environmental signage
Website design
Event posters
Business card design
Tote bag and passes 
The ones that got away...
Just some of the logo concepts that didn't come to full fruition...
This concept is rooted in the idea of forward motion through connection. Further is a space to be inspired and challenged, to feed ideas or to originate them. The type marque suggests a journey of connected ups and downs, with a forward-moving trajectory of progress. 
The pairing of a confident colour palette with bold and graphical forms further reflects the concept of movement and advancement. 

The naming for this concept was born from the mission of creating a space where members can assemble, co-create and grow.  
The visual language utilises the 'g' form from the logo marque as a visual device to reflect closeness and progression. The chosen colour palette combines warm pastels, reflecting personal individuality, with rich earthy tones as a foundation.